Weight Control Program

At what time of day should I listen to the BodyLink© Program?
Anytime, as long as you can devote 20 minutes of uninterrupted attention. You may listen to the complete audio when you are in bed, just before you fall asleep, or at any time which is most convenient. But do not listen to it while driving a vehicle, operating machinery or sitting in a bathtub. You may listen to the BodyLink Program once a day or several times a day, its up to you, but listen to it every day.

Could I lose weight just by listening to the program
without going on a diet?

Yes, in most cases. As a dieter you have always known which foods are fattening, which make you gain weight, which provoke your eating binges. And yet, knowing all that you were never able to stop yourself from eating the wrong foods for more than brief periods of time. There may have been a physical root to your problem, but more than likely the reason you regained lost weight was because you lacked the motivation to eat the right foods. The BodyLink Program was designed to install in you positive behavioral changes. With the changes of attitude will come the ability to follow a sensible eating pattern, but the pattern must be changed in order for you to start losing weight.

Will the BodyLink© Program help correct my attitude?
Yes, the BodyLink Program can help you make alterations in your behavior, which you need to give yourself more confidence, and enable you to acquire a new positive approach to food, eating, yourself and the world around you.

Will the BodyLink© Program help change my self image?
Yes, because you will no longer feel discouraged and depressed, instead you will feel in charge. The program will help you feel more positive and confident about yourself, and will help you acquire ambition to get hold of your life.

Will the BodyLink© Program help me control my appetite?
In due time the program can help modify your appetite by teaching you the difference between being physically hungry and being emotionally hungry. (Providing there are no physiological complications.)

Is Hypnosis used in the BodyLink© Program, or Self Hypnosis taught?

Will the BodyLink© Program help me overcome insomnia?
Yes, if you practice regularly and learn the relaxation techniques taught. In addition, some people find that you can fall asleep listening to the BodyLink Program.

Will the BodyLink© Program help me manage stress?
To as certain degree, yes, but for a more specific stress management system refer to the Mindlink Stress Control Relaxation System.

If I am already on a diet, or under a physician’s care, will the BodyLink© Program aid my weight loss progress?
Definitely! Motivation, perception, attitude and behavior must be changed for any weight reduction program to be successful and long lasting. The BodyLink Program was designed to do exactly that, to benefit you no matter which route you take to your desired weight loss goal.

(Before you embark on this WM Audio Program, you should discuss your weight reduction program with your physician to receive his guidance and to make sure no psychological complications exist.)

Where can I turn if I want more individualized help?
Seek out a State Certified psychologist. Make an appointment to talk with the psychologist for ten or fifteen minutes before becoming a patient. Ask if he/she has worked with your type of problem in the past. You should feel free to ask any questions you may have. Most important, see if you feel a good rapport with the psychologist before you begin treatment. If not, select another psychologist you feel more comfortable with.

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