Relax, Recenter, Refocus

What is stress?
It is a feeling experience that results from the evaluation of real and imaginary demands confronted by the person in relation to the available resources.

How do I know I have a stress problem?
Occasionally feeling stressed is quite normal and in some instances even beneficial. Under ordinary circumstances a stressful situation creates a stress response in the body and when the stressor is gone then the body gradually returns to the normal mode of functioning. However for most of us in our daily busy life there is no let-up in demands and frustrations coming our way, creating conditions where we are chronically stressed out. It is this chronic stress that poses both a physical and a psychological threat to the well being of the individual.

Chronic stress can produce a very large number of physical and psychological symptoms e.g. feeling anxious, sleep disturbances, digestive disorders, forgetting, disturbed personal relationships, aches and pains and many more. If you are experiencing any symptoms for a while, and your physician can't find anything wrong with you chances are you are suffering from chronic stress.

Sometimes people who have been chronically stressed for a long time get so used to being stressed that they don't realize they are under stress. They think that the way they feel is normal. They only realize how stressed they were when for the first time they get help and experience deep relaxation.

The deep relaxation that you will learn from this program, is a unique state of being that is totally different from what people usually think is a relaxed state such as sleeping, playing games, having a beer, taking a vacation etc.

How will this program help me control stress?
This program does not teach you to control stress. Stress is unavoidable in life. This program teaches you to keep your body relaxed and stay mentally calm even when faced with a stressful situation, thus avoiding the harmful effects of stress.

Will I become so relaxed that I will become lazy?
This is a common misapprehension, that by learning to relax one would become lazy and less productive. In fact research has shown the opposite to be true. By learning to remain relaxed one is able to function more efficiently, more effectively and be more productive.

How soon will I see results?
You will feel the relaxation response in the very first training session. For many different reasons everybody makes progress at different rate. In general the rule holds that the more you practice the better and faster the benefits will come.

How long will the results last?
Again it depends on how much and how long you practice. If you practice to the point where remaining relaxed becomes natural to you, then he benefits should last a life time.

Are there any harmful side-effects?
None! However the required dose for many medications is affected by stress, so if you are taking any drugs you should let your physician know about your relaxation training so your dose can be adjusted accordingly. This is very important.