Relax, Recenter, Refocus

Mindlink® Stress Control Relaxation System
The procedure presented on MindLink's Stress Control System is a unique and very powerful synthesis of the most effective elements of the latest relaxation techniques and several original ideas and contributions by Dr. Khemka from his many years of research and clinical experience.

The Importance of Stress Management
Let us begin by clarifying some myths and misunderstandings about relaxation. Relaxing will not make you lazy, passive or apathetic, nor cause you to stop living actively and vigorously. On the contrary, learning self regulation of your physiology through this training produces benefits that include increased energy levels, alertness, awareness and good health. There is also evidence that it releases your hidden or underdeveloped potentials, thereby producing heightened creativity and concentration, as well as improvements in memory and comprehension.

The effectiveness of stress management and relaxation training in promoting good health and increasing productivity has led many ''Fortune 500'' companies to provide such programs for their executives and other employees.

Using the Stress Control Relaxation System
This program has evolved from many years of research and clinical experience and is designed to give you maximum benefits with a minimum investment of your time and effort. However, due to the power and effectiveness of this program in producing beneficial changes there are two precautions that must be observed.

Choose a quiet environment and make sure that you will not be disturbed while doing your relaxation. You can listen to the Stress Control Audio any time of day or night, except in situations that demand your full attention (Please do not listen to the audio while driving, operating machinery or in any situation where you should not be distracted). Practice daily, and remember, the more you practice, the greater and the quicker the benefits.